Hi. I’m Michelle and you’ve found me. Welcome to my Peace Corps’ blog!

Whether you know me as Michelle, a nurse, a respiratory therapist, Auntie Chelle,  Adventure Adikt, or you don’t know me at all (yet), I’m really glad you’re stopping by and checking out my little slice of internet!

Okay quick synopsis (because you’re all just dying to know): I grew up in a small town in South Carolina. In my younger days, I played any sport I could and even managed to snag a college volleyball scholarship. I  graduated from said college with a degree in Spanish and Business Admin and a passion for exploring the world.  Which I did…  for a while. After that it was back to reality, and I decided that I wanted to work in health care. So it was back to college for me. Since then, I’ve become both a registered nurse and respiratory therapist and have worked with both kids and adults. My educational goal is to obtain my DNP and practice as a Family-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Global Health has always fascinated me and I’ve done international disaster relief, national hurricane medical relief, and responded to a local TB outbreak as part of my state’s volunteer medical relief corps and Red Cross volunteer.  I’m always eager to dive headfirst into life’s next adventure, and as of February 26, 2018,  June 04, 2018 that next adventure will be serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar.RWANDA.  I would love for my family and friends (and total strangers) to be able to follow along on this incredible journey I am about to embark on, and this blog is the perfect way to do that. From pre-departure logistics through my service, and eventually my arrival back to the States, I’m hoping it can all be documented right here!

Some little girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day; I grew up dreaming about exploring the world and serving in the Peace Corps.

All the educational opportunities I have pursued thus far, both in and out of university, has been done so with the idea that one day I would be able to use the knowledge, education, skills and abilities to give back to people in developing countries.  I can’t believe that this opportunity is finally here!
I would be honored if you would follow along on my journey and see all the awesome adventures the next 2.5 years will bring!