I have been nominated to serve in three different locations:  Lesotho, Madagascar, and Rwanda. None of these are like the other and each had special considerations.  Lesotho, a country located entirely above 10,000 feet is much more like Europe as far as climate is concerned. And Madagascar is essentially a tropical island.  A large island but an island none the less. And Rwanda–well, that somewhere in the middle. Although equatorial, at 5000 feet and above, altitude plays a much larger part in climate than location.


It’s impossible to know what exactly you will need to bring to any given country based on the fact that you don’t know exactly where you’ll be living. Most countries have several different climates and the area where you do the pre-service training may have a completely different climate than where you’ll be living. With that in mind, pack more for training and supplement later. And for  the love of all things holy, take out those extra pair of shoes and bring more comfort foods.

Ooops, something happened, and I didn’t quite make it to Madagascar, but curious as to what made the cut for Rwanda.  And what was added. And taken away.

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